22. On what Buzzfeed Quizzes have told me about myself:


(These are all kind of creepily accurate, tbh. Especially the character description ones.)


21. On some newly-realized facts about me (probably useless to all of you):

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20. On my mom:

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19. On why today was a great day:

Been a while since I’ve done one of these, but today was a great day so let me tell you about the little things that made it that way.

  1. I woke up in the best mood ever (you know when that happens?).
  2. I stayed in a good mood, unbelievably, basically the entire day.
  3. Even the subway was pretty good to me today, no delays, and while on it, I listened to the Perks soundtrack, Bahamas, and The Lumineers (been almost a year and I’m still not over them).
  4. Had a very The Notebook-like embrace with Krystal when I saw her today, except, for, you know, the kissing part. Haven’t seen her in a long time, and I was too happy to today.
  5. Spencer treated the bunch of us to two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. The Oreo Cake one? To die for. His words: “Daddy’s buying.”
  6. McDonald’s run with Brandon for lunch. Bet him that I could eat an entire McDonald’s paperbag full of fries in 32 minutes. He didn’t believe me. I may not weigh 300 pounds but I sure have the stomach of someone who does. Good ol’ metabolism. :)
  7. Snacked on said donuts at the boys’ place. Always a nice and chill time with them. So chill that Aaron fell asleep on me.
  8. Had one of the final meetings with my engineering team. Went well. Semi-productive. Our client meeting is on Tuesday and we have prototypes and recommendations ready. Excited and nervous. Mostly excited.
  9. Got home in an hour (never happens!) and my mom brought me fish n’ chips from my favourite place along with a package and a hand-written letter from my grandmother back home. It made me teary. I miss her a lot sometimes and things like this help with that.
  10. AND OH MY GOD: I WORE FLIP-FLOPS OUT TODAY (everyone knows how I feel about flip-flops). Beautiful weather, April, keep it coming. :)
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18. On some of my thoughts when first meeting some of my friends:

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17. On seeing the Perks movie:

For those of you that know me, you would know how much Perks means to me. It’s actually crazy how much I love Stephen Chbosky’s words. He’s amazing, and there’s never been another book that’s been able to do what he does.

So, I saw the film adaptation of it today. I mean, I live in Toronto, right? Might as well take advantage of that fact and go see it during TIFF. So obviously, this being my favourite book and all, I tried to get tickets as soon as they were released, and I’m not even kidding, within the ten minutes of the tickets going on sale, they somehow were sold out, so I couldn’t find tickets there. Checked again this morning at 7 am like they said to, couldn’t find tickets there either. My last option was the rush line, and again, this being my favourite book and all, I did just that.

I showed up to the theatre three hours before to get in line, and I have to tell you, there were approximately forty-fifty people ahead of me in line. I didn’t really have too much hope, but I was going to stick it out anyway. Also, I showed up alone because none of my friends could make it in the beginning because of other obligations. But it was okay, I made rush line friends…to the point that when my friend finally showed up, she thought I brought other people with me because it seemed like we knew each other for longer than two hours.

While we were in line, Johnny Depp got out of the building and waved at us from his SUV. Good omen #1.

Nina Dobrev was the first actual Perks cast member to show up that we were aware of from down the street in the rush line, but I didn’t get a glimpse of her. It wasn’t until Emma Watson showed up that the fact that I was in line to see Perks hit me. God, she’s so pretty. Prettier in person, actually. Good omen #2.

They gave out free Perks movie posters while we were in line. Good omen #3.

Anyway, the rush line started moving, and I can honestly say that it was the most nerve-wracking experience I’ve ever had in my life because they can literally cut the line off at any time. There’s no guarantee on tickets. Anyway, we get to the front of the rush line, and who pulls up in a black SUV? Logan Lerman. We were literally fifteen steps away from the kid who brought Charlie to life. Jesus. Anyway, at this point, we got into the movie, and I was so happy could have cried right then and there.

I’m going to try my best to not spoil anything for those who haven’t read the book/watched the film, but something might slip out so be warned.

So here’s the part where I get into the actual movie, vaguely mentioning scenes for the sake of everyone on tumblr who doesn’t want it spoiled. Let me just say this now: as Perks’ biggest advocate and fan, my expectations of the film were reached and overcome. It was an excellent movie adaptation, as well as a stand-alone film. It made me feel the things that the book made me feel. They did such a good job. I’ll go see it again when it’s actually released.

Logan did brilliantly as Charlie. I had doubts when he first got cast but not because of anything against him, but because Charlie was so near and dear to me that I couldn’t really see how anyone could portray him on screen and pull it off. But Logan did. He was amazing. He could show vulnerability by the posture he gave when just standing there. And when he actually started talking? So good. Charlie through and through. He exuded Charlie. He didn’t just portray Charlie. He became him.

Emma did a great job, too. Her American accent was really well done as well, and that was the biggest worry for me, but she did such an excellent job that I don’t even know why I was worried in the first place. Shouldn’t have expected any less than perfect from her, really. She’s Sam. Period. There were moments in the movie (like the tunnel scene), where I literally just sighed, “Oh, Sam.”

Ezra…do I even need to go into his performance? Excellent, through and through. Not just comic relief either, even though he brought the laughs. But there were times (like the park scene) that was so beautiful and sad. He was perfect, I don’t think I can say more than that.

The main three did such a perfect job that I don’t think I’ll be able to ever reread this book again without picturing them as their characters. They became them. It was really a wonderful thing to see on screen. They all had so much chemistry, too, that the scenes with just the three of them really shone through. Or if it was just Emma and Logan as Charlie and Sam, too. They really had their book relationship down. And Emma and Ezra’s Sam and Patrick brother/sister relationship is so believable. None of it felt forced at all. And I guess this can extend to the rest of the cast as well, because they were all amazing. Mae Whitman? Perfect as Mary Elizabeth. Johnny Simmons? Yeah, him too. I’m not exaggerating when I say that they were all one solidly amazing cast.

Oh, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show scenes? Fucking amazing. Loved them all.

I was practically crying from about the halfway point and on. Teared up a little bit at certain scenes before that, too. The breakdown scene…I have no words. It was very well-executed, and my heart was pounding, and breaking, and speeding up all at the same time. I was crying so hard that you can only hear me sniffling from then on. This film was just really, really, really well done and I have no complaints about it whatsoever. Every minute will be cherished. And I wasn’t the only one who felt that way obviously because at the end of the movie, everyone gave a standing ovation.

After the film, there was a brief Q & A with Stephen Chbosky and the present cast. I have videos and pictures, and I’m probably never going to get over this. Emma came out later than most of the cast and the first thing she did was run across the stage and give Stephen Chbosky a huge hug. It was probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever witnessed. The camaraderie in this cast/crew is just so great and palpable. It’s wonderful and it shows on screen.

After we got out of the theatre and were walking towards the nearest Swiss Chalet because we were starving and duh, CHICKEN, we saw Ezra Miller and Nina Dobrev exiting the building and go into separate vehicles. It was just a very, very good day. I don’t even mind waiting in line for three hours (sometimes in the rain) because what I got in exchange was so worth it. I had the most emotional night (in only good ways), and it was all thanks to this movie and, I guess, when everything gets stripped down, Stephen Chbosky. I can never thank him enough for giving me all of this. I definitely encourage everyone to go watch this when it comes out, even if you aren’t fans of the book. It exceeded all my expectations and I promise it will exceed yours.


16. On the Coldplay concert:

ps. I got band merch again - I spend all my money on band merch.

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14. On movies I’ve watched this summer:

Will grow as summer goes on.

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13. On Dion:

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